Photos and images

Photographs appearing on this page have been taken by Graham Lang, David Hannah, Paul Waterhouse and Ray Fry.

We want to add to this page with photographs or images of the estate that you have taken and would like to share with others – if you would like them published on this website, please send a jpeg file to 

Please hover your cursor over the photograph for a description

Tree planting ceremony carried out by Steve Howlett, Peabody Chief Executive and Frank Dobson MP

Tree Planting on Cumberland Market


View towards Windsor House & BT Tower


View along the allotments




Ascot House & Swinley House


Allotments with Swinley House on the left




Allotments towards Windsor House and BT Tower


Allotments facing Datchet House & Windsor House



Camberley House Courtyard


Swinley House


Windsor House Courtyard & Datchet House




4 thoughts on “Photos and images

  1. Steve and Committee
    Great good work !! Who’d not want to live on this Estate !?

  2. I recently ventured down to the estate in my milk float as I did daily for many years as those of you who remember me will recall ( I now deliver in Tufnel Park) and I came away sad , feeling like a ghost amongst ghosts,. I didn’t see a single person I knew , sometimes things are best left as memories I suppose . I hear you are now Peabody people ,well you could do a lot worse , I delivered milk to the Covent Garden Peabody Estate and the tenants there were very happy with their estate as were we on the Crown ( I was born in Windsor Hse in 1948 ) so I think I spent the best years of the Crown estate both living and working .To those of you that know me hello and to those who don’t I say enjoy living in Regents Park , I did and still would if I could afford it . All the best Mick Hawkins.

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