About us

Cumberland Market Estate (for information on how to get to our estate please see the Contact us’ page)

The estate consists of nine blocks of flats with a total of 491 properties and has been owned by Peabody since 2011 following a successful campaign by residents to prevent the estate being sold to private developers (please see the History of Cumberland Market / Our Homes Are Not For Sale page)

The majority of the estate was built in the 1920s and 1930s as part of the Government’s ‘Homes fit for heroes’ building plan for troops returning home from World War 1 and is very much part of the local history of the area. (more information on the history of our estate and local area is set out in the ‘History of Cumberland Market’ page)

Cumberland Market Residents’ Association

Membership of Cumberland Market Residents’ Association is open to everyone living on the Cumberland Market Estate. Our constitution also allows us to appoint Associate members but they do not have the right to vote at meetings.

The Residents’ Association Committee is democratically elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The objectives of the Residents’ Association (RA) are:

To work closely with Peabody staff to improve housing, social and environmental conditions on the estate;

To encourage a community spirit both on the estate and within the local area;

To provide facilities for social, recreational and educational activities for residents and their guests; 

To work with closely with local voluntary groups and statutory agencies in order to achieve high standards of service and environmental conditions both on the estate and within the local community.

The Residents’ Association works closely with the following individuals and organisations in order to achieve improvements to our estate and for the safety and well-being of our residents:

Peabody – with all Peabody staff, in particular Housing Management and Asset Management staff and the Community Development team. In addition, the RA has developed close links with other Peabody tenants, including the Tenant Liaison Committee and Western Regional Tenants’ Forum. 

Frank Dobson MP;

Cllr Nasim Ali OBE;

Cllr Heather Johnson;

Cllr Tulip Siddiq;

Camden Council;

West Euston Partnership

The H-Pod;

Third Age Project; 

Metropolitan Police Regent’s Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team;

Regent’s Park Safer Neighbourhoods Panel;

Camden Federation of Private Tenants

Christ Church School;

Cumberland Basin Horticultural Society;

Regent’s Park Tenants’ Association;

Lee Green Residents’ Association;

Millbank Residents’ Association;

Victoria Park Residents’ Association


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