Housing Office Restructuring

The Residents Association (R.A.) was informed on Friday that the there is to be a re-structure of staff who deal with Cumberland Market Estate and the other ex-Crown Estate properties.

From December, Peabody intend amalgamating staff within other Peabody teams and not just have a team to specifically deal with our tenants. We’ve been told that one member of staff will be made redundant as a result of this.

There will still be an office based in Camberley House but they will be dealing with other Peabody estates, not just ex-Crown Estate properties.

As we are given further information on this proposal we will let you know via this website.

Our R.A. along with the other ex-Crown Estate R.As at Victoria Park, Millbank and Lee Green, are disappointed with Peabody’s proposals. Not the proposal itself as we haven’t been given any real detail so we’re unable to comment, but the fact that we weren’t consulted in advance about it.

Twice, earlier this year, we were promised that before any final decision was taken on any restructure, we would be given an opportunity to put across our views as to our future management. We accepted that we wouldn’t necessarily have any veto on this issue but took it at face value we would be listened too. Peabody reneged on this promise and went ahead without speaking to us.

As more information becomes available we will let you know and give feedback as to why senior Peabody staff reneged on the promise to discuss the issue with us before taking any decisions.


Netley School’s 130 Year Anniversary

Did you or your children attend Netley School? Can you help them with their anniversary project?
Netley school opened 130 years ago in 1883 and their pupils will be studying the school’s history this term.
The school are keen to hear from anyone who attended Netley and
would like to hear ex-pupils experiences of their time at the school and share any photos they have.
Any photos or information can be sent to
netleyprimaryschool@gmail.com or alternatively you can take any photos to the school & they will scan a copy.