Loft Insulation Works / Cleaning in Swinley House

Peabody will be carrying out loft insulation works to the following blocks which will help to keep flats warmer and (hopefully) reduce heating bills!
Ascot House; Bagshot House; Camberley House; Datchet House; Richmond House; Swinley House; Windsor House..

Tintern House and Gardner House have flat roofs and so won’t require insulation.

Peabody are planning to start works on the 29th October and the works are programmed to finish at the beginning of February 2013. Prior to starting works on a block, Peabody will put posters up at each level and they will send letters to top floor flats explaining what they intend to do.

Swinley House – following the replacement of bathrooms in Swinley House, the Residents Association requested that a thorough ‘deep clean’ was carried out to the block and immediate communal area as this wasn’t included in the original specification. These works will be carried out soon but an exact date has not yet been set.


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