Welcome to our updated website

The Residents Association (RA) have updated this website to give you the latest news and information as it happens and to let you know of any plans affecting our estate.

We have also offered Peabody the facility to publish up-to-date information on this site. This won’t do away the need for them to write letters and notices to residents in the usual way, as not everyone has access to the internet, but by using our website they will get information sent out quickly and easily.

We welcome any comments or feedback and each news item has the facility for you to write back to let us, and others, to let us know your views and opinions. By using this facility, your name will be shown but not your address or e-mail details.

You don’t have to look at this website everyday to see if new information has been published, what you can do is register to have an e-mail sent to you each time the site is updated. If you look at the ‘home’ page, a pop-up box will appear at the bottom of the screen, if you fill in your e-mail address – and confirm it the first time you receive an e-mail – you will get an e-mail sent to you every time the site has new information added to it.

The RA hope that you will enjoy this site and take advantage of it as a means of letting us know your views and opinions.

As you can see, the site still contains information on the history of our estate and the local area, including a number of old photographs. It also contains an account of ‘Our Homes Are Not For Sale’, the campaign set up when the Crown Estate announced plans to sell our homes in 2010.

If there’s anything else you would like to see on this website – let us know!

We hope that you will find this website useful.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to our updated website

  1. Congratulations on the creation of this site, well done to all concerned. Would it be possible to add some of the historic photos of the estate which were compiled a few years ago?

  2. Brilliant site! It’s about time we moved into the 21st century – well done RA!

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